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Professional foot care in the heart of Bromsgrove

Sketch of Elmscroft Podiatry and Chiropody Bromsgrove
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Routine foot & nail care


Thickened, fungal and ingrowing nails


Removal of corns and calluses


Verrucae & warts - advice and treatment


Nail Surgery


Biomechanical assessments



About Us
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How can we help?

First Consultation & Treatment

Initial consultation to examine your feet, provide all necessary treatment and an assessment of your ongoing needs.

Routine Podiatry

All nails will be cut, cleared and filed.

Calluses and corns treated. Providing you with help and advice on any foot complaints.

Biomechanical Assessment


Suitable for anyone experiencing lower limb pain where the podiatrist will undertake an in-depth assessment of your foot mechanics.

Orthotic Therapy


We offer a range of insoles to our patients to fit all conditions and patient’s needs. We can customise a device to treat your symptoms.

Nail Surgery

Surgery for an ingrowing nail to correct this problem permanently.  Using local anaesthetic.

Podiatric Acupuncture


This is the modern approach to a century’s old treatment method. We use it treat a number of conditions focusing on the lower limb. 

Our Services


Years of Experience


Comfortable Patients


Foot Fixing Products


Years of Training

Our Team

Emma Clarke of Elmscroft Podiatry

The friendly and professional Elmscroft team of Podiatrists and Chiropodists is led by Emma Clarke.

Our Dentists

Podiatry Specialist Products

Drop by our Clinic to see the range of specialist footcare products we stock, including socks, creams and ointments, all available to purchase.

Specialist Socks by Elmscroft Podiatry
Podiatry Specialist Products in Elmscroft Podiatry
Specialist Socks from Elmscroft Podiatry

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Elmscroft Podiatry Clinic

Happy Feet

"I can highly recommend Elmscroft Podiatry, extremely professional, excellent advice and a friendly welcoming atmosphere.


I look forward to my visits as my feet feel marvellous afterwards".

Gill Thompson

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